KZ Clean Eating


KZ Clean eating Chia Crisp Bread

A low carb, healthy twist on a SWEDISH CLASSIC. Pair this Omega-3 enriched crisp bread with good cheese and wine. Alternatively, just add your favourite toppings or spread. HIGH IN OMEGA 3 VEGAN LOW CARB SUGAR FREE NON-GMO  
$11.99CAD $9.99CAD
Enjoy this KETO breakfast cereal with pieces of real strawberries and chocolate.
$14.99CAD $12.99CAD
Enjoy the power of coconut chips and nuts with this WHEAT FREE, great tasting cereal. This hearty blend is carefully roasted in premium cold-pressed coconut oil. Serve with your favourite yogurt or milk. Also the perfect topping for your parfait!
$19.99CAD $17.99CAD

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