Whole 30

Redmond Real Salt on the go with this mini pocket shaker!
This aromatic mulling spice will fill your home with the warm flavors of the season. This is great to make all year long.
A bold, traditional taco sauce with warm notes of chili peppers, tangy tomato, rich cumin and savory oregano. Great for classic weeknight-friendly beef tacos or dress it up for fancy pulled beef.
Classic fajita seasoning that’s perfectly balanced with a pleasant chili heat that builds.
Traditional green poblano chili sauce that’s tangy with just a hint of tartness. The ideal sauce for cheese, chicken and pork enchiladas.
With its unique flavor and unrefined mineral content, Real Salt will make everything you eat taste better.
Add a zesty lemon flavor to cookies, iced tea, lemon bars, lemon drops and blueberry cobbler.


The long-lasting strength of our full-flavored cherry extract makes a great addition to frostings, cakes, cookies, barbeque sauces and baked apples. Add a hint of cherry to your skinny chocolate or put a splash in your good girl moonshine for a refreshing beverage.
This light, refreshing mint extract has a hint of spearmint. Try adding it to hot cocoa, homemade ice cream, brownies, cookies, candies and fudge for all-natural flavor from all-natural oils—nothing artificial.
Our pure peppermint extract is free of artificial colors and flavors because we make it from all-natural oils. Try it in your iced tea or add a refreshing peppermint flavor to desserts like chocolate cake, frosting, cookies, brownies, candies and fudge sauce.
Orange you glad we didn’t put artificial colors or flavors in our Pure Orange extract? We use all-natural oils to impart pure flavor. Use it to add zest to sparkling water and tea or a give a citrus twist to your cranberry bread, sugar cookies, chocolate sauce, tapioca pudding, ...
Get pure maple flavoring without the calories when you add our maple extract to desserts like cookies, carrot cakes, frostings and candies. Or, add complexity to savory dishes like barbecue, baked beans and sweet potatoes. Long used as a breakfast sweetener, maple extract is a great addition to oatmeal, ...

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