Boomerang Latte Elixer – Invigorating Ginger and Turmeric – 300g

Enjoy a soothing, aromatic latte infused with a rich blend of essential oils, premium ingredients and health benefits with the Boomerang Elixir

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Who wants a soothing aromatic latte full of rich flavour? This Premium blend of essential oils and healing ingredients will provide you with a soothing, aromatic Keto Latte full of rich flavour and health benefits. Its easy as 1.2.3!

  1. Add 1 TBS of Boomerang Elixer to 10 – 12oz of hot milk or coffee – We love it with Almond milk!
  2. Froth, Mix or Blend into Beverage
  3. Enjoy your rich and luxurious Hot Drink!

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