Herbion Sugar Free Lozenge – Cherry – 18 count


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Herbion Naturals Sugar-Free Cough Lozenges with natural Cherry flavour is a convenient addition to cough syrups. They contain seven different potent ingredients, each of which work uniquely to relieve discomfort caused by cough, nasal congestion, and throat soreness.

The product helps to:

Relieve cough
Ease nasal congestion
Soothe sore, irritated throat
Clear nasal passages

How to Use:
Adults and Children (12 years and older).
Dissolve 1-2 lozenges slowly inside the mouth every 2-3 hours.

Why Choose?
Natural ingredients
Tasty Natural Honey-Lemon Flavour
Alcohol Free

Ingredients – Menthol,Eucalyptus Oil,Adhatoda vasica,Piper longum,Hyssopus officinalis,Alpinia galanga,Glycyrrhiza glabra

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