Sprouted Pizza Crust Mix – Makes 2 large Pizzas

Our NEW Sprouted Pizza Crust Mix features sprouted fermented wheat flour! Just add oil, water and honey for two delicious crusts, ready for all your favourite pizza toppings.

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Our Sprouted Pizza Crust Mix features a nutritious blend of organic sprouted flour. Ingredients include sprouted whole grain wheat, sprouted fermented wheat, sprouted millet and sprouted quinoa. Sprouting whole grains enhances their taste, texture and digestibility. Then the sprouted grains are finely stone ground into sprouted flour, which keeps all the essential nutrients intact. Fermenting sprouted wheat further enhances digestibility and adds a wonderful light sourdough-like taste. As always, our sprouted pizza crust mix contains only real ingredients, meaning no gums, thickeners, artificial flavours or preservatives. Just wholesome, sprouted grain goodness that the whole family will love.

Each mix makes two medium thick crust pizzas, two large thin crust pizzas or 4 personal size pizzas. The simple instructions are for kneading the pizza dough by hand, or you can use an electric mixer. After a 30 minute rest, the dough is ready to shape, pre-bake for 5 minutes, then load with sauce, cheese and all your favourite toppings. You can bake it on a pizza pan, baking sheet or pizza stone. Fresh homemade pizza is only an hour away!

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Dimensions 20 × 5 × 12 cm

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