About Us

Sweet and Sprouted came to be because our founder, Sheri Wren, wanted to share the benefits of the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) eating plan with others. Sheri has experienced first-hand the benefits of “eating the THM way,” and knows it can benefit countless others.

While adopting this new way of fuelling her body, she discovered an unexpected challenge: finding recommended ingredients from high-quality, reputable sources, especially in Canada. She founded Sweet and Sprouted to bring exceptional products to people as excited about change as she is.

We carry recommended THM products as well as products from other reputable providers. Each product is chosen carefully to fit with our food philosophy – that fuelling your body with wholesome, nutritious ingredients can transform you physically and mentally.

Sheri's Story

I’ve lost weight before, but I have never done so and felt satisfied and not deprived. I can eat most things without restriction as long as I split my fuel sources, as its recommended in the THM book.

I’d lost weight on other programs, I’ll admit all I learned was how to cheat the system – I could still eat badly and stay within the parameters of the program for the day. It wasn’t until I discovered Trim Healthy Mama that I learned how the body uses food, and how to fuel my body with nutritious food and still lose weight.

I can’t begin to explain how different I feel without sugar in my system. It’s not just that my body has changed. My brain, my emotions, my reactions, my patience level, my attitude have all changed, too. I feel transformed, from head to toe.

Since the birth of my second son in June 2013, I’ve lost 62 pounds. It took me 15 months to lose 19 pounds and I was doing cross-fit four days a week and eating what I thought was a healthy, balanced diet. I read Trim Healthy Mama last summer and started the plan the first week of September. I lost 43 pounds in the next six months, and I’m just 25 pounds away from my goal weight.

I was upset when I saw the “before” picture for the first time. I used to delete all pictures of myself (sad but true), but I knew I had to keep this one. It made me decide to get rid of the weight for good. In fact, I’m going to find another way to say I’ve lost those pounds, because I never want to find them!