THM No Carb Easy Bread 6.3oz Bag

All you do is add liquids to this mix, bake the bread up and your world is changed. The crumb is light and airy… not dense and eggy and oh boy does it make good sandwiches. The flavor is neutral so it lets the fillings in your sandwich shine.

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Welcome No Carb Easy Bread (NCEB) into your life! This bread is completely gluten free! There are plenty of keto breads lining shelves these days but just look at their first or second ingredients… you’ll usually see either vital wheat gluten or modified wheat starch! Unless you’re celiac, we feel it is not important to beware of ALL gluten but modern wheat contains far more of it than the ancient grains contain. This exasperates gluten sensitivities. It makes terrible sense to isolate gluten or other wheat derivatives and put them in products as chief ingredients. Way to cause inflammation and even more problems with food sensitivities!

Ingredients: Oat Fiber, Golden Flax Meal, Whole Husk Psyllium Flakes, Unblanched Almond Flour, Aluminum-Free Baking Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Erythritol, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Stevia Extract Powder


You will need:
1 1/3 cups liquid egg whites (carton or fresh*)
3/4 cup water
One bag of No Carb Easy Bread

Directions: (order is important)

1. Preheat oven to 450°F (yes… 450).

2. Choose between two options for mixing – blender or hand whisk. Blender method gives a higher rise and works well for most ovens. If your oven causes it to rise so high that the bread is too airy to cut or forms air pockets, try hand method next time.

Blender – pour egg whites into blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. Add entire bag of dry bread mix and the water to blender. Blend for 10 seconds then turn off blender and scrape down sides of blender all the way to the bottom corners to make sure all ingredients get blended thoroughly. Blend for another 15 seconds or so.

Hand Whisk – pour egg whites into a large bowl and whisk vigorously with a hand whisk for 30 – 40 seconds or until very frothy. Add dry mix and water, then whisk until well-combined.

3. Spray a standard 9×5 bread pan with olive oil spray, then using fingers, spread oil well over sides and bottom of pan, making sure to cover all bottom corners so bread doesn’t stick. Now scrape every bit of the batter into pan using a spatula or spoon. Gently smooth top of bread with your spoon or spatula, then score a large, well-defined X on top of bread with a knife.

4. Place in oven and bake for 1 hour. (Ovens vary, your cook time may be anywhere from 50 minutes to a full hour and 10 minutes).

5. Remove from oven. Let bread sit in pan for a few minutes to cool slightly, then using a metal spatula, loosen edges of bread from pan and remove loaf. Put loaf on a cooling rack if possible (to allow air to circulate under and around the loaf). Allow loaf to cool and settle for at least half an hour before cutting.

6. Using a long, serrated bread knife (a good bread knife is important for grain-free breads) cut thin pieces to make about 19 slices for zero carbs each. If you prefer thick slices, no worries, they will still only be 1 gram of carbs each, so you’re still a winner. If you prefer less moisture in your slices, allow bread pieces to get some air for about 5 minutes by laying them out on paper towels.

To store: Keep bread slices wrapped in paper towels and leave on counter for the first 24 hours. After that, this bread is best refrigerated (keep wrapped in paper towels inside a plastic bag).

*Carton egg whites normally give a great rise, but if you desire even more of a spectacular rise, try fresh egg whites.

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